As we stagger further into not just the new year but also the new decade, we have an obligation to examine ourselves as a people and community. We get an opportunity to reflect on all we have accomplished through the last twelve months, and are granted a chance to double down to make happen the things we did not. The Marysville community has lurchingly progressed and stalled on some efforts, become collectively better and still disposed to some of our negative attributes as well. We can and should do better when we decide to. What better time to draw the line in the sand than now.

As the old song goes, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. So here I sit and wonder: when does the new me just become the me? Where lies the line? I would suggest the line lies in realization of missions not accomplished. The distance between my current state and past exuberant travails grows immediately and noticeable more distant on such occasions. Only through suddenly faded recollections and thus-dated photographs do I get to experience all the joy of forgotten weddings and remembered funerals.

Marysville has changed much in the now ten-and-one years I have lived here. It is easy to forget just how much so. We have lost structures such as Simmons Auditorium and saved others like Historic UP Depot. Our city and organizational leadership has in many cases turned over multiple times. In some ways we have become more progessive in pursuits of educational, arts, and athletic activities for old and young alike. Unfortunately there will always be more progress to be made in these arenas. We have held tightly as we could to our core strengths of culture commonality. Through volunteers and civic leaders we can ride through the vacillating, rough seas of change and setback while still lurching into tomorrow’s promise.

At the dawn of this new decade I bequeath you to become acutely cognisant that the future has arrived! No matter how unevenly distributed its fruits and labors, we can and ought chart a course through it. Though we all do no benefit and appreciate its joys on equal, this is something we can seek to strive increasingly for. Rejoice where we can, work were we must, succeed as we are able. Go team.

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