Nostalgia itself comes to us from Greek words meaning pain or ache, and homecoming. We all have dis-consulate occasions when long-ago happenings cross our minds as momentously profound through our less-than rose colored glasses.The hitherto idealize devents from our pasts come up on us like a cold draft. Could they hardly be any different than our memories perceive?

I have always enjoyed the cliched line about disdain for photographing events that explains “I would rather remember things the way I remember them than the way they really happened”. I feel this way about many an experience in the heady days of cameraless cell phone proliferation. Now hardly an event occurs that is not documented for pointless posterity. How will these demarcations affect future interpretations?

Perhaps it is this time of the year that most brings out my most melancholy recollections. Or, perhaps it is the combination of weather and darkness, the creeping advance of cold and its ominously correlated companion death. Maybe it is the approaching ‘landmark’ birthday I will soon observe and it’s waymarking of my all too quickening mortality.

I am reminded these days of my youthful fascination with our nation’s politics. It being two decades and three hundred plus days since America last saw a President’s impeachment. It seemed to me at the time rather unbelievable to be witnessing something that had not occurred in my great nor great-great grandparents lives. Now, here I sit viewing a second senate’s court in my first forty trips ‘round the sun.

At the age of eighteen I could see forever and felt as bulletproof as most youth do I suppose. I knew so much, but now see how my own eighteen year old daughter is jaded so little. One day she too will learn to lament and mourn these halcyon days. Youth may be wasted on the young, but so too is wisdom on the aged. I envy her listless positivity.

All of this rambling to say that trading on nostalgia and spinning wistful yarns is no bad nor small thing. I’ll even bless the marketing minds that do so. The purpose of reflective calmness or teaching of others is downright profound, but I will take my days as they come and my fleeting euphoria in equal measure.

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